10 Most Common Electrical Issues Around The Home

There’s nothing more worrying than discovering that you have an electrical issue in your home. Not only can they lead to expensive power bills, but they can also be dangerous if undiscovered and untreated. We’ve put together a list of the top 10 most common electrical issues around the home.

1) Flickering lights

Flickering lights are a sure indicator of a loose electrical connection. The number of flickering bulbs in your home will indicate whether it’s an easy or difficult fix.

2) Hot power-points or switches

Power-points and outlets should never be hot to the touch. If they are, immediately unplug the appliance and discontinue use of the outlet until you know what is causing it to heat up.

3) High power bill

A higher than usual power bill is a great indicator that something might be malfunctioning and using more power than it should. Identify what is increasing the power bill and be sure to check it over for any defects.

4) Loose outlets

Loose outlets are outlets that will eventually shake their wires free, which can lead to surges, sparks or fires. If you notice that an outlet is loose, get it fixed ASAP.

5) Electrical surges

Electrical surges can have a number of different causes, including lightning strikes, damaged power lines and bad electrical wiring. Prolonged electrical surges can lead to damaged or destroyed appliances. Multiple electrical surges can lead to a significantly reduced lifespan for any affected appliances.

6) Tripping circuit breaker

A tripping circuit breaker is a circuit breaker that acts as an indicator that something is causing significant electrical surges that you might not know about. Try to find what is causing the surges and figure out if it’s faulty or is using a high amount of power.

7) Faulty or old wiring

Faulty or old wiring in older homes can be dangerous. If you own an older property or have recently purchased one, be sure to check out the state of the wiring. Older wiring can be a huge cause for concern as it can lead to house fires and the chance of electrocution. The same goes for DIY or dodgy wiring. Be sure to always have your electrical wiring assessed by a registered professional to ensure it’s safe.

8) Rodent activity

If you see rodent or rat droppings near your wiring or electronics, it’s best to check for any chewing. Wires that have been chewed on by rodents are a fire hazard and can cause wires and appliances to spark or overheat.

9) Old or faulty appliances

Older or faulty appliances can be a real danger, not only to your power bill but to your safety as well. These are the appliances that due to old or poor craftsmanship can cause electrocution with no warning. Defective appliances should be disposed of or returned. Appliances that are getting on in age may not be functioning as well as they previously did and can cause a major hike in your power bill.

10) Burning smell

An unexplained burning smell can indicate that wiring is heating up enough to burn through the plastic covering that is surrounding it. Try and find where the burning smell is coming from and disconnect the device. If the smell is coming from wiring in your home, such as an outlet, it’s best to disconnect the power and get it seen to by a professional ASAP.

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