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Maintaining a safe, compliant and comfortable property begins with hiring highly qualified and experienced electrician in Sunshine Coast .


If you want the very best in commercial and residential electrical services on the Sunshine Coast, speak to the team at Laguna Electrical Services.

Reliable 24 Hour Emergency Electricians

Enjoy the convenience of our 24 hour electrician Sunshine Coast service and the peace of mind that comes with knowing that all parts and labour are backed by a comprehensive 12 month warranty.


So whether your pipe bursts at 3am or your toilet’s drains become blocked, you can rely on our Sunshine Coast electrician’s to fix your issue right away.

We Travel From the Sunshine Coast to the Gold Coast

We work from Gympie to the Hinterland and as far as North Brisbane, specialising in external and internal electrical installation and maintenance jobs.


Our electricians in Nambour are capable of tacking any electrical need, from residential apartments to commercial bars & taverns.

We pride ourselves on delivering unrivalled electrical services, so to receive a quote simply call (07) 5473 0422 to talk to one of our electrical contractors today.

Introductory Electrician Offers for Your First Booking

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Test and Tagging of Electrical Items
20% discount
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RCD Testing 
15% discount
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Exit and Emergency Light Testing 
15% discount

Genuine & Affordable Electrician Team You Can Trust

Laguna Electrical Services offer a complete suite of repair and construction services, as well as electrical services for residential properties.


Fully qualified, insured and licensed, Laguna Electrical operate across Nambour, QLD, and the surrounding area.

Fully licensed to work on residential electrics, Laguna Electrical Services provide a prompt, affordable electrician service to residents in and around the Sunshine Coast.


We are familiar with most makes and models of domestic electrical appliance, enabling us to effect timely, effective repairs. In most cases, we are able to complete your electrical repair, servicing or installation in a single visit.


The type of work that we can cover includes:


  • Emergency repairs and replacements to get your electricity working safely again.
  • Security lighting, exterior lighting, smoke alarms and security alarms.
  • Electric fires, cookers, heating and related domestic appliances.
  • Complete domestic rewiring jobs.
  • Servicing and maintenance on a wide range of domestic appliances.
  • Upgrades, including circuit board and wiring upgrades, as well as additional sockets to cope with the increased number of appliances people tend to have in their homes now.

With particular expertise in working on electrical installations needed for successful construction, Laguna Electrical Services are the electrician of choice for a large number of construction sites and companies in the local area.


When you use us for your construction electrical work, you are dealing with time-served electricians who are used to working with other trades to make a commercial project a stunning success.


The type of work that we can do includes:


  • Rewires and fresh wiring for both commercial and residential developments.
  • Solar installations. We are able to install a wide range of solar electric appliances and generation equipment on a range of properties.
  • Data and communication cabling. Ideal for office buildings and similar, Laguna Electrical is able to ensure that future-proof data cabling and IT infrastructure is flawlessly installed in new-build properties.
  • Customised electrical installations for specialist premises, including hospitals, clinics, care homes, schools, shopping centres and a wide range of other constructions.

No matter what your electrical repair requirements may be, you can depend on Laguna Electrical Services to take care of them for you.

We are able to work with a wide variety of electrical systems, dealing with both emergency repairs and scheduled work.


Licensed, experienced and skilled, our team focus on accurate diagnosis and cost-effective, competent repair.


Our services are suitable for commercial properties of all shapes and sizes, including industrial, retail and office premises.


We can deal with almost any electrical repair, including:


  • Dealing with outages, storm damage, black-outs, fuse-box problems or similar.
  • Repairing or upgrading lighting, as well as installing fresh lighting both indoors and out.
  • Emergency exit lighting, smoke alarms.
  • Security lighting and alarms.
  • Cabling and data management.
  • Installation, repair and maintenance of power outlets.
  • Exterior security lighting problems.
  • Electrical appliances of various sorts from most well-known manufacturers.
top view of hotel entrance with repaired electrical lighting

Introductory Electrician Offers for Commercial Building Managers

Putting a maintenance service agreement in place will make staying compliant with industry standards easy.

If you are an Apartment Manager, Body Corporate Manager or Hotel Operator you will receive a 10% discount when signing up for a 12 month service contract with Laguna Electrical Services.

Electrical Tips for Your Home

You’ll find these electrical tips easy and practical. At Laguna Electrical Services—an electrician Sunshine Coast residents rely on—we hope you find this advice empowering.

Installing Smart Lighting

Add a switch or two beside your bed to control all the bedroom lighting. Place the switches above your bedside tables, within easy reach from the bed for you and your partner.


On one plate, you could have two switches—one to control your reading lamp, the other for room lighting. The switch near the bedroom door can be wired similarly, allowing you to switch everything off as you leave. Another good bedside addition is a USB port on the power socket so you can charge your phone.

Replacing Table Lamps

It’s all too easy to crowd your bedside table and all too common for a table lamp to end up as collateral damage. Consider bedside lights that are sconces, fixed to either the wall or bedhead, or perhaps hanging pendants.

Installing Extra Electrical Outlets

Install electrical outlets inside your bathroom vanity’s top drawer. This will allow you to plug in and store hairdryers, electric toothbrushes, electric shavers, etc. Top drawer positioning is convenient—easy to reach and makes it possible to stand at the mirror.

Practical Placement of Light Switches

Placement of light switches can be decided by walking through each room of your house and choosing the best positions. Average rooms need only one light switch.


Hallways and staircases, one at each end. Every exit should have a light switch for both interior and exterior lights—front door, side, back, garage entrance/exit doors, and doors to decks and patios.


So, you won’t need to fumble around in darkness to find the switch, closets, pantries, garages, attics, and basements should have their light switches on the outside. Motion-activated lights are another option for these spaces.

Think about Bathroom Vanity Lighting

The best place for bathroom vanity lighting is on both sides of the mirror, and above and slightly in front of the mirror. Standing at the bathroom vanity, you do NOT want overhead lighting.


That would cast shadows on your face, and you’d have a hard time shaving, applying makeup and doing your hair.

Consider the Installation of Fans

Ceiling fans, despite losing a little momentum in a market of air conditioners, are back, more beautiful than ever. They are practical, great value for money, mosquitoes hate them, and they are brilliant for covered spaces outdoors.

Placement of Kitchen Electrical Outlets

Power outlets in kitchens are not the best look and you would need a few of them, considering the average number of useful appliances. Add to that, the fact that power strips and liquids do not play well together.


A great idea is to install your outlets and power strips out of harm’s way on the underside of upper cabinets. This is also a good location for under-cabinet lighting, illuminating your benches and food prep areas.

Electrician At Work

As part of our extensive commercial and residential services, Laguna Electrical is happy to offer support for all your test and tag needs. We work from Gympie to Hinterland, so you can be sure that wherever you are on the Sunshine Coast, you’ll be able to get your test and tag responsibilities sorted quickly and easily.

What Is Test And Tag?

Test and Tag means you can be confident that your electrical appliances that are portable are safe. Our test and tag process usually looks something like this.


  • Visual inspection – we check that there is no damage or signs of wear that will compromise safety.
  • The appliance is tested thoroughly with a Portable Appliance Tester.
  • Assuming it passes the test, the appliance is marked as safe.
  • Once the testing is complete, the appliance is marked as safe and a tag is placed on the appliance with details of the test and when it needs to be done again.

Who Sets The Guidelines For Test And Tag?

The Australian standards are set out in AS/NZS 3760. This includes things like recommendations for Test and Tag intervals as well as giving guidelines as to who is permitted to carry out the process.

Who Needs To Test And Tag?

If you hire out any kind of equipment, Test and Tag is essential. If you are an employer, you also have a duty of care to your team, which includes making sure the equipment they use is safe. Keeping up with Test and Tag means you avoid costly compensation claims as well as creating a safe working environment.

When Should I Test And Tag?

How often Test and Tag is required depends on the industry and environment the appliance is in – for example, businesses in the mining sector, where there is a lot of wear and tear on equipment, are obliged to Test and Tag every three months. To find out more about the regulations that apply to you, just get in touch with our friendly team on 07 5473 0422 or complete our contact form.

Can Anyone Test And Tag?

Test and Tag must be carried out by a qualified person.

What Sort Of Things Should Be Tested And Tagged?

Test and Tag needs to be done on any appliance that has a flex and removable plug. This includes objects like kettles and hairdryers as well as industrial equipment.

Get A Free Quote

Laguna Electrical has years of experience in a host of commercial and residential electrical work, which includes Test and Tag. Our teams work across the area, from Gympie to the Hinterland and all the way up to North Brisbane, so wherever you are, we can help.

To find out more about test and tag and to get familiar with the latest regulations for your business, just get in touch with our welcoming team on 07 5473 0422 or fill out our contact form.

Frequently Asked Electrical Questions

Can I handle basic electrical jobs on my own?

No. You should never try to take on electrical jobs in your home on your own.


Not only is there a risk to your health from attempting to tackle electrical jobs on your own, but you could be breaking the law. In Queensland, it’s illegal for anyone other than a qualified electrician to undertake any rewiring work in domestic properties.


It doesn’t matter whether the work is done to a professional standard or not; whoever carries out the work has to have the appropriate certification.

If you are planning on selling your home one day, it’s essential that you have the proper documentation for any electrical work that has been carried out.

What is smart wiring?

Smart wiring is an industry wiring standard that is becoming increasingly commonplace.


Smart wiring is designed to accommodate smart home systems and enable you to integrate all the devices associated with a smart home.


This makes connecting your devices together much simpler.

What are electrical safety switches, and do I need one?

On a regular power circuit, currents flow to appliances via a neutral wire.


If the circuit is compromised and a person comes into contact with an appliance, electricity can flow to the earth through the appliance and the person, causing serious injuries or even death.


A safety switch kicks in when it detects the loss of power from the circuit and automatically cuts the electricity supply.


The switch can work in as little as 30 milliseconds, a faster response time than the period of a human heartbeat.


This rapid response time significantly reduces the chances of death or injury.

How often should I have an electrical safety check?

Homes and businesses should conduct regular electrical safety checks to ensure their wiring and appliances are safe to use.


There are also some specific circumstances in which it is worth commissioning additional electrical inspections:


– You have just purchased a new property that was previously occupied

– Your property is more than 25 years old and hasn’t had a professional electrical inspection before

– You haven’t commissioned a professional inspection of your property in the last five years

– You are concerned about the installation of any electrical appliances or equipment in your home

– You have experienced shocks when using electrical appliances

– Your sockets or appliances are making a buzzing sound

Why should I use a master electrician?

Master electricians have the training necessary to deliver a safe and reliable service to the highest standards possible.


The certification that master electricians hold lets you know you can trust their work and judgment when completing a job in your home or business.


Master electricians are also required to undertake ongoing training and periodically reapply for certification so you can always be certain that their knowledge puts them at the very forefront of their trade.

Our master electricians can complete any job in residential and commercial properties to the highest possible standards.


Safety is always our number one priority, giving you and your customers total peace of mind.

Testimonials from Our Satisfied Customers

At Laguna Electrical Services, we are proud of our reputation as the Sunshine Coast’s leading commercial and residential electrician. In addition to providing home owners with all of their electrical needs, we also have numerous long standing contracts with managers of all types of commercial properties. 

Our loyal clients value our expertise and friendly, dependable electrician services in Sunshine Coast. Please refer to the testimonials below from just a couple of our satisfied customers.
Laguna Electrical Services are experts in their field and have provided excellent electrician service!
– Frank O’Brien
Laguna Electrical Services always provide prompt, friendly, reliable service and have never let us down
– Shirley Neil
My first time using Laguna Electrical Services and they did a great job on various electrical work at my home. They were super friendly and very professional. A pleasure to do business with and very competitively priced. Thanks again
– Tyler Jade
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