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Maintaining a safe, compliant and comfortable property begins with hiring highly qualified and experienced electrician in Sunshine Coast . If you want the very best in commercial and residential electrical services on the Sunshine Coast, speak to the team at Laguna Electrical Services.

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Enjoy the convenience of our 24 hour electrician Sunshine Coast service and the peace of mind that comes with knowing that all parts and labour are backed by a comprehensive 12 month warranty. So whether your pipe bursts at 3am or your toilet’s drains become blocked, you can rely on our Sunshine Coast electrician’s to fix your issue right away.

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We work from Gympie to the Hinterland and as far as North Brisbane, specialising in external and internal electrical installation and maintenance jobs. Our electricians in Nambour are capable of tacking any electrical need, from residential apartments to commercial bars & taverns.

We pride ourselves on delivering unrivalled electrical services, so to receive a quote simply call Laguna Electrical Services today.

Introductory Electrician Offers for Your First Booking

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Test and Tagging of Electrical Items
20% discount
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RCD Testing 
15% discount
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Exit and Emergency Light Testing 
15% discount

Electrical Tips for Your Home on the Sunshine COast

You’ll find these electrical tips easy and practical. At Laguna Electrical Services—an electrician Sunshine Coast residents rely on—we hope you find this advice empowering.

Smart Lighting

Add a switch or two beside your bed to control all the bedroom lighting. Place the switches above your bedside tables, within easy reach from the bed for you and your partner. On one plate, you could have two switches—one to control your reading lamp, the other for room lighting. The switch near the bedroom door can be wired similarly, allowing you to switch everything off as you leave. Another good bedside addition is a USB port on the power socket so you can charge your phone.

Replace Table Lamps

It’s all too easy to crowd your bedside table and all too common for a table lamp to end up as collateral damage. Consider bedside lights that are sconces, fixed to either the wall or bedhead, or perhaps hanging pendants.

Top Drawer Power

Install electrical outlets inside your bathroom vanity’s top drawer. This will allow you to plug in and store hairdryers, electric toothbrushes, electric shavers, etc. Top drawer positioning is convenient—easy to reach and makes it possible to stand at the mirror.

Where’s Your Light Switch?

Placement of light switches can be decided by walking through each room of your house and choosing the best positions. Average rooms need only one light switch. Hallways and staircases, one at each end. Every exit should have a light switch for both interior and exterior lights—front door, side, back, garage entrance/exit doors, and doors to decks and patios. So, you won’t need to fumble around in darkness to find the switch, closets, pantries, garages, attics, and basements should have their light switches on the outside. Motion-activated lights are another option for these spaces.

Bathroom Vanity Lighting

The best place for bathroom vanity lighting is on both sides of the mirror, and above and slightly in front of the mirror. Standing at the bathroom vanity, you do NOT want overhead lighting. That would cast shadows on your face, and you’d have a hard time shaving, applying makeup and doing your hair.

Centrepiece Lighting

Make a definite plan for your dining table. Your lighting should be centred over the table, rather than centre of the room.

Do the Fandango

Ceiling fans, despite losing a little momentum in a market of air conditioners, are back, more beautiful than ever. They are practical, great value for money, mosquitoes hate them, and they are brilliant for covered spaces outdoors.

Now We’re Cooking

Power outlets in kitchens are not the best look and you would need a few of them, considering the average number of useful appliances. Add to that, the fact that power strips and liquids do not play well together. A great idea is to install your outlets and power strips out of harm’s way on the underside of upper cabinets. This is also a good location for under-cabinet lighting, illuminating your benches and food prep areas.

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Introductory Electrician Offers for Commercial Building Managers

Putting a maintenance service agreement in place will make staying compliant with industry standards easy.

If you are an Apartment Manager, Body Corporate Manager or Hotel Operator you will receive a 10% discount when signing up for a 12 month service contract with Laguna Electrical Services.
Testimonials from Our Satisfied Customers

At Laguna Electrical Services, we are proud of our reputation as the Sunshine Coast’s leading commercial and residential electrician. In addition to providing home owners with all of their electrical needs, we also have numerous long standing contracts with managers of all types of commercial properties. 

Our loyal clients value our expertise and friendly, dependable electrician services in Sunshine Coast. Please refer to the testimonials below from just a couple of our satisfied customers.
Laguna Electrical Services are experts in their field and have provided excellent electrician service!
– Frank O’Brien
Laguna Electrical Services always provide prompt, friendly, reliable service and have never let us down
– Shirley Neil
My first time using Laguna Electrical Services and they did a great job on various electrical work at my home. They were super friendly and very professional. A pleasure to do business with and very competitively priced. Thanks again
– Tyler Jade
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