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Split Air Conditioner Systems

Generally, split systems are comprised of an outdoor compressor and the unit head, which is installed inside the building.

This set up eradicates noise and provides versatility with wall or floor mounting options. Laguna Electrical supplies cooling only models and reverse cycle split systems.

These units can supply ample coverage and range in power from 2kW to 8kW and are 5 star rated for power efficiency. All units are easily operated by a simple remote control.

Is it time to replace your Air Conditioner unit?

When is the best time to replace your old air conditioner?

Often we find that the best decision is to replace it with a new model that will be more energy efficient and effective when your old faulty unit has passed the 7-8 year mark.

The cost of repairing old air conditioners can be expensive and there is often no guarantee that the problem will be fixed for long.

Investing in a system upgrade can save you money in the long run. Newer systems are more energy efficient and cost effective. As well as that, you can replace your current bulky air conditioning system for a modern, smaller system.

Our team is experienced in air conditioning retrofits. Give us a call to chat with our team to work out what you need.

Laguna are not affiliated to any individual brand and therefore we offer independent, obligation free advice.

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Signs your air conditioning system needs replacing

As previously mentioned, we recommend replacing outdated air conditioning units every 7-8 years. The below signs, however, could indicate that your faulty system needs replacing more urgently.

1. Limited airflow

If you switch on your air conditioning unit and do not feel cool air within a few minutes, it is a good indication that your unit is ready to be retired. Similarly, if the unit is producing cool air but the airflow is very weak and limited, you should call an air conditioning Sunshine Coast-based expert, such as a member of the Laguna Electrical Services team, who will be able to advise you further.

2. Unusual noises

You should never presume that unusual noises coming from your air conditioning unit are normal. If you begin to hear sounds such as grinding, squeaking or chattering, it is likely your unit will need professional attention.

3. Unpleasant smells

A high-quality, functioning air conditioning system should release cool, clean air. If there is a foul or unusual smell coming from your system, you should not ignore it as the problem will unlikely go away on its own.

4. Moisture leak

It is normal for air conditioning units to create moisture. It is not normal, however, for air conditioning units to leak moisture. If you notice a leaking air conditioning unit, contact our team on the Sunshine Coast as soon as possible as it may indicate a refrigerant problem that can pose a serious health risk.

Why is air conditioning maintenance important on the Sunshine Coast?

There are numerous reasons why regular maintenance on your air conditioning unit is beneficial, including:

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• Reliability

Regular maintenance will increase the reliability of your air conditioning and prevent unforeseen breakdowns. The last thing you want is for your air conditioning to break unexpectedly on a hot day, so trust the Laguna Electrical Services team to install and regularly service your air conditioning.

• Cost-effective

Your air conditioning suddenly breaking is not only frustrating, but it can be financially draining also. Emergency repair and replacement services are often much more expensive than regular maintenance costs and can throw your monthly budget significantly off balance.


Maintenance can also extend the life of your air conditioning system, ensuring you get the best value from your investment.

• Environmentally friendly

Air conditioning systems that are working with a fault or at limited capacity, often require more energy to produce air at the correct temperature. This will not only increase your energy bills but will also have a serious impact on the environment.


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